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This CD-ROM provides an interactive 3-dimensional view with readily accessible information for those interested in caring for, maintaining and repairing church buildings.

The INFORM Church contains information on a broad variety of materials and building features, ranging from roofs, windows and doors to ceramic tiles, covering topics from timber preservation and fire safety to graffiti removal.

There are four ways to obtain the INFORM Church CD:

1. You can request a copy in the post (United Kingdom only) by filling out the form below, remembering to include your name, address and postcode. This is suitable for Windows PCs and Apple Mac computers and is the simplest way if you are not sure what to do with the other options.


2. If you have a Windows PC, you can download an "ISO image" of the CD (see download box on right). This is a complete copy of the CD which can be written to a blank CD if you have a suitable writer in your PC. Once downloaded, double-clicking the .iso file should launch the CD writing program on your PC, or should provide you with a list of options to find a CD writing program. This avoids postal delays, but the file is big so download will take a while.


3. Another Windows PC option is to download a "zipped" program file (see download box on right). Once downloaded, double-clicking the .zip file should expand the program files to a folder on your PC. From there you can run the setup.exe program to launch the INFORM Church from your PC hard disk drive. This is useful if you do not have a CD writer, but, again, the file is big so download will take a while.


4. If you have an Apple Mac, you can download a DMG (disk image) file (see download box on right). Once downloaded, double-clicking it should open it up and another file with a similar name will appear on your desktop. If a Finder window does not appear automatically, double-clicking the new icon should open the Finder window. Double click the "Install The INFORM Church" icon from within this new Finder window to install the program. Again, the file is big so download will take a while.

Send us your name and address and we will post a copy to you

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INFORM Church Downloads

Release 1

For Microsoft Windows For Microsoft Windows:
   CD-ROM .iso image (131MB), or
   Program .zip file (113MB)

For Apple Mac For Apple Mac:
  DMG file for Apple Mac DMG disk image file (300MB)

Note: because the files are large, downloads could take many minutes even with a fast broadband connection.

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