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Routine Inspections

Every 3 MONTHS, at least, the fabric convener or his delegate should make a careful tour of the building, looking for the signs of possible trouble you will have noted. 

Use binoculars for checking roofs and other high places and if possible look down from a high vantage point such as the roof of a tower. If the building has meanwhile endured severe weather, especially high wind, heavy rain and/or melting snow, make the same inspection as soon as you can after it has abated. Clear fallen leaves and other debris from gutters and check downpipes and gullies for possible obstruction, especially in late autumn and early summertime.

Every 12 MONTHS, conduct a more thorough inspection, preferably in the company of a general tradesman. 

Check inside roof spaces, using a strong torch in areas of darkness.

Check fire safety equipment and renew as necessary. 

Check and oil locks, latches and bolts.

Health and Safety advice specific to church buildings can be found at www.churchsafety.org.uk


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