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Non-Traditional Buildings - Laminated Timber Frame

Laminated Timber Frame


The heroic period of post-War church building ended in the early 1970s. Many of the more architecturally-advanced buildings of that period had proved defective in keeping out water, and a few have had to be demolished. In the 1980s and 90s, therefore, a more conservative approach was taken to church design. A fair number of church buildings have been constructed with frames made of laminated timber, with minimally-load-bearing walls, of facing brick, or harled common brick. More attention has been paid to rainwater disposal than was common in the heroic period. Buildings of this character usually have concrete-tile roofs.

Partick South Parish Church, Glasgow
Partick South Parish Church, Glasgow, 

yet another variant, with a gabled frontage.


Campsie Parish Church, Lennoxtown 
Campsie Parish Church, Lennoxtown, 

A more complex building, with a front block added to the main worship space.



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